Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 16432-1:2017

Järnvägar - Ballastfria spårsystem - Del 1: Allmänna krav

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This European Standard defines the general requirements concerning the design of ballastless track systems. It does not include any requirements for inspecting, maintaining, repairing and replacing ballastless track systems during operation. This European Standard is applicable to all railway applications up to 250 kN axle load. The requirements of this standard apply to: - plain line track, switches and crossings and rail expansion joints; - various substructures like embankments and cuttings, tunnels, bridges or similar, with or without floating slabs; - transitions between different substructures; - transitions between different ballastless track systems; - transitions between ballasted and ballastless track systems. NOTE Requirements for characterization of the substructures listed above are included in this standard. Design of the substructures is covered by other European Standards, e.g. EN 1992–2, EN 1997–1, etc..


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Internationell titel: Railway applications - Ballastless track systems - Part 1: General requirements

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