Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 16235:2013

Järnvägar - Acceptans av gångegenskaper hos järnvägsfordon - Godsvagnar - Villkor för undantag av gångprov på godsvagnar med fastställda specifikationer enligt EN 14363

Status: Gällande

This European Standard defines the process to determine the conditions under which dispensation from on-track testing according to EN 14363 can be given to freight wagons. In its application this document specifies the means by which dispensation from on-track tests is possible. This European Standard is subordinate to EN 14363. This European Standard is not limited to any type of freight vehicle; however certain types, which have been previously accepted under the auspices of UIC, are considered to have a continuing dispensation from on-track testing. These freight vehicles are detailed within this document. The dispensation conditions described in this document apply to all freight vehicles used in international, multilateral or national rail freight transportation, which operate without restriction on standard gauge tracks (1 435 mm). The various rail-inclinations used in Europe (1:20, 1:40 and 1:30) are covered by the conditions for dispensation. NOTE The test procedures described in this standard (and in EN 14363) can be applied also to applications with other track gauges e.g. 1 524 mm or 1 668 mm. The limit values could be different, as the details of the network are not known by the authors of this standard. If established running gear are existing in such restricted networks the related ranges of running gear and vehicle parameters for dispensation from on-track tests might be specified together with the operational parameters (speed, cant deficiency, maximum axle load) based on previous tests and operating experiences. These limit values and parameters will be specified under national responsibility. This European Standard only contains requirements for characteristics related to requirements for on-track tests specified in EN 14363.


Vagnar (45.060.20)


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Framtagen av: Järnväg, tunnelbana och spårväg, SIS/TK 254

Internationell titel: Railway application - Testing for the acceptance of running characteristics of railway vehicles - Freight wagons - Conditions for dispensation of freight wagons with defined characteristics from on-track tests according to EN 14363

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Fastställd: 2013-10-06

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