Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 16019:2014

Järnvägar - Automatkoppel - Prestandakrav, specifik gränssnittsgeometri och provningsmetod

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This European Standard specifies the requirements for the automatic couplers for railway applications. It defines the minimum interface requirements in order to allow automatic coupling (mechanical and pneumatic) of two automatic couplers. The interfaces of the end coupler specified in this European Standard: - enable the rescue of a train set in an event of a breakdown by another trainset of different type, without the need to use an intermediate coupler adapter, accessories or component; - are the reference interfaces to which the rescue coupler defined by EN 15020 will comply. This European Standard defines the reference interfaces for rescue coupling of trains. It does not define: - interface requirements concerning electrical connections; - clearance requirements around the coupler head; - the height above top of rail for the coupler; - the position of the pivot point of the coupler. For the purpose of this European Standard, this type of coupler is named Type 10 coupler. NOTE The name Type 10 originates from Scharfenberg system Type 10 automatic coupler ).


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Internationell titel: Railway applications - Automatic coupler - Performance requirements, specific interface geometry and test method

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