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Betong - Avgivning av reglerade farliga ämnen till mark, grundvatten och ytvatten - Provningsmetoder för nya eller ej beprövade delmaterial till betong samt för betong

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This document outlines three test methods. The first is designed to test the constituents of concrete, not designated as WT products, using reference concrete matrices (control mixes and test mixes) wherein the release of (regulated) dangerous substances from the constituent under test, into soil, groundwater or surface water, can be determined. The types of constituent which can be tested using this method are as follows: a) factory-made cements; b) aggregates; c) additions type I; d) additions type II; e) admixtures; f) polymer modifiers; g) fibres. The second method, in normative Annex A, is designed to test factory made concrete products, not designated as WT products, as either test pieces sawn or cored from pre-hardened monoliths or as standard-sized moulded test pieces formed from proxy samples of fresh wet material taken from concrete used in the production of factory made items. The third method, in informative Annex B, is designed to test concretes sampled in the fresh wet state or pre-packaged state, not officially classified as WT products, as standard-sized moulded test pieces. All three methods produce eluates that may be used for the purposes of characterisation testing, initial type testing (ITT) or further testing (FT) of either the constituents of concrete identified in this Scope or of production concretes.


Betong och betongprodukter (91.100.30)


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Internationell titel: Concrete - Release of regulated dangerous substances into soil, groundwater and surface water - Test method for new or unapproved constituents of concrete and for production concretes

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