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Personlig fallskyddsutrustning - System för reparbete - Del 2: Regler för god praxis (ISO 22846-2:2012, IDT)

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This part of ISO 22846 provides recommendations and guidance on the use of rope access methods for work at height and expands on the fundamental principles given in ISO 22846-1, in conjunction with which it is intended to be used. It is intended for use by employers, employees and self-employed persons who use rope access methods, by those commissioning rope access work and by rope access associations. This part of ISO 22846 is applicable to the use of rope access methods in any situation where ropes are used as the primary means of access, egress or support and as the primary means of protection against a fall, on both man-made and natural features.

This part of ISO 22846 is not intended to apply to the use of rope access methods for leisure activities, arboriculture, general steeplejack methods, emergency personal evacuation or to the use of rope rescue (line rescue) techniques by emergency services for rescue work or for rescue training. Nevertheless, individuals engaged in these and similar activities can beneft from the advice given in this part of ISO 22846.


Skydd mot fall och halka (13.340.60)


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Framtagen av: Personlig fallskyddsutrustning, SIS/TK 403

Internationell titel: Personal equipment for protection against falls - Rope access systems - Part 2: Code of practice (ISO 22846-2:2012, IDT)

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Fastställd: 2012-03-29

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