Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 16473:2014

Skyddshjälmar för brandmän vid räddningstjänst

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This European Standard specifies the minimum requirements for technical rescue helmets. These helmets are intended to protect the upper head mainly against the effects of mechanical hazards such as impact and penetration, flame, electrical and chemical hazards whilst conducting technical rescue and associated activities.
Technical rescues involves work associated with the environments and conditions associated with operational scenarios such as but not limited to those found during road traffic collisions and when working in and around collapsed structures often for extended periods of time after natural disasters (flood, earthquake, etc.)
Requirements for marking and information to be supplied by the manufacturer are included.
Helmets for use whilst firefighting in buildings and other structures or in wildland firefighting environments, are not covered by this European Standard, see EN 443 and EN 16471.
Helmets for use in water rescue operations using craft are also not covered by this European Standard.
Protection of the face, eyes, ears and neck may require additional items of PPE, which are not covered by this European Standard.


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