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Bandlackerade metaller - Provningsmetoder - Del 22: Kulörskillnad - Visuell jämförelse

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This part of the EN 13523 series specifies the procedure for determining the difference in the colour of an organic coating on a metallic substrate by visual comparison against a standard using either diffuse natural daylight or artificial daylight in a standard booth.
NOTE Results might differ between natural and artificial daylight.
It might be that two colour specimens will match in daylight but not under another light source. This phenomenon is known as metamerism (see EN 13523 15).
If a metameric match is to be reported in objective terms, spectrophotometric measurements (using CIE Standard Illuminants D65 and A) should be made, in accordance with EN 13523-15.
No statement is made about either the precision or the accuracy of this procedure since the results derived are neither in numerical form nor do they provide a pass/fail evaluation in objective terms. Therefore, this procedure should only be used where the use of colour measuring instruments is not recommendable (evaluation of colour matches, inspection of metallic colours, etc.).
The standardization of such visual comparisons, by light sources, illuminating and viewing geometry and specimen size, provides for improved uniformity of results. This practice is essential for critical colour matching and is highly recommended for colour inspections.


Färg- och ljusmätning (17.180.20) Organiska ytbeläggningar (25.220.60)


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Internationell titel: Coil coated metals - Test methods - Part 22: Colour difference - Visual comparison

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