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Pumpar och pumpenheter för vätskor - Säkerhetskrav

Status: Gällande · Korrigeras av: SS-EN 809+A1:2009/AC:2010

This European Standard establishes the technical safety requirements for:
- constructing;
- assembling;
- erecting;
- operating;
- servicing;

a liquid pump or pump unit. It contains a list of significant hazards, which can arise with the use of a liquid pump or pump unit, and establishes the requirements and/or protective measures which will lead to a reduction of the risks.

Liquid pumps covered by this European Standard are:
- rotodynamic pumps;
- rotary positive displacement pumps;
- reciprocating displacement pumps;

supplied separately without drive (electric motor or internal combustion engine).

In general, pumps are defined as being terminated by their inlet and outlet connections as well as by their shaft ends. Pumps supplied in this form are usually called bareshaft pumps. They are 'machines' in the definition of the Machinery Directive.

The assembly of a bareshaft pump with its driver can require measures that are outside the scope of this European Standard.

Pump units are described as:

Liquid pumps together with a driver and including transmission elements, baseplates, and any auxiliary equipment.

This European Standard does not deal either with the technical safety requirements for the design or manufacture of drivers nor of auxiliary equipment. It does not set down either requirements for the risks directly arising from means provided for the portability, transportability and mobility of pump units during or between periods of their operation, nor the requirements for transmission shafts linking a tractor or other self-propelled machinery to a pump.


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Internationell titel: Pumps and pump units for liquids - Common safety requirements

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