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In vitro-diagnostik - Eliminering eller reduktion av infektionsrisk relaterad till in vitro-diagnostiska medicintekniska produkter

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This European Standard specifies requirements related to design and manufacture in order to effectively control the risk of infection caused by in vitro diagnostic reagents including reagent products, calibrators, control materials and kits, hereinafter called IVD reagents. The standard is applicable to in vitro diagnostic reagents containing material of human origin. The standard is also applicable to in vitro diagnostic reagents containing materials obtained by biotechnology processes or materials of animal origin, in particular in view of relevant zoonoses, when the results of a risk analysis reveal that there is a risk of human infection. The standard does not apply to the following: – instruments and specimen receptacles; NOTE 1 The prevention of infection due to handling of biological materials throughout such equipment is addressed in other relevant International and/or European Standards. – general aspects of workers' protection; – transportation of infectious goods; – disposal measures. NOTE 2 Some of the most relevant documents relating to aspects not covered by this standard are listed in Bibliography for information.




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Framtagen av: Laboratoriemedicin, SIS/TK 331

Internationell titel: Elimination or reduction of risk of infection related to in vitro diagnostic reagents

Artikelnummer: STD-32636

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Fastställd: 2002-06-28

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