Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 624:2011

Gasutrustning - Specifikation för LPG-anordningar - Gasolbrännare i fordon och båtar

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This European standard specifies the characteristics of safety, construction, performance and efficiency, the test methods and marking, of room sealed space heating equipment of type C (see CEN/TR 1749) with combustion air intake and outlet for the products of combustion in the wall, roof or floor, combined or not. These are referred to in the body of the text as "heaters", burning LPG, for vehicles and boats.

This European standard only covers room sealed heaters also including those which have a combustion air fan, an integral hot air fan or both, only for vehicles and boats which are used for residential, recreational and commercial purposes.

This European standard applies to heaters which are installed either outside or inside the habitable volume, but which have a combustion circuit sealed from the vehicle's interior, and nominal heat input which does not exceed 10 kW (Hs) operated at supply pressure of 30 mbar, 28 mbar, 37 mbar and 50 mbar, using, where appropriate, 12 V or 24 V DC electrical supply.

Room sealed LPG space heating appliances for vehicles and boats are using very often warm air as a heat transfer medium. Annex B specifies additional requirements for appliances using water as a heat transfer medium.

For private cars and vehicles or boats used for the transport of dangerous goods or for commercial personnel transport additional requirements may be necessary.

This European standard does not cover requirements for storage water heaters (boilers) (see EN 15033). For appliances producing additional sanitary hot water (combi-boilers), see relevant clauses of EN 15033.

NOTE If a LPG operated heater is installed in a motorized vehicle being subject to European road traffic legislation, the directives of the Council for the approximation of the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the member states relating to the heating of the interior of motor vehicles should be applied.


Karosser och karossdelar (43.040.60) Ventilations, luftbehandlings- och uppvärmningssystem för marint bruk (47.020.90) Gasdrivna värmeapparater (97.100.20)


Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: Gassystem, SIS/TK 289

Internationell titel: Specification for dedicated LPG appliances - Room sealed LPG space heating equipment for installation in vehicles and boats

Artikelnummer: STD-76942

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Fastställd: 2011-03-09

Antal sidor: 68

Ersätter: SS-EN 624 , SS-EN 624/A2:2007