Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 15542:2008

Ductile iron pipes, fittings and accessories - External cement mortar coating for pipes - Requriements and test methods

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This European Standard defines the requirements and test methods applicable to factory applied cement mortar coatings for the external corrosion protection of ductile iron pipes conforming to EN 545, EN 598 and EN 969 for use at operating temperatures up to 50 °C, and for soil conditions according to Annex D.2 of EN 545:2006. Special activities on site such as joint protection, tapping, clamping, etc. could affect the corrosion protection properties of the cement mortar coating. These operations should be covered in the laying instructions supplied by the manufacturers of pipes, clamps, house connection saddles, etc. and any relevant users' procedures. Such instructions are not part of this European Standard.


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