Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN ISO 1248:2008/AC:2013

Järnoxidpigment - Specifikationer och provningsmetoder (ISO 1248:2006 inklusive rättelse 1:2007 och rättelse 2:2008)

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This International Standard specifies the requirements and the corresponding methods of test for all manufactured and natural iron oxide pigments, in dry form, suitable for general use. These pigments are identified by Colour Index Nos.1) red 101 and 102, yellow 42 and 43, brown 6 and 7 and black 11, and includes “rapid-dispersion pigments”. This International Standard does not cover micaceous iron oxide pigments (see Note 1), transparent iron oxide pigments, granular grey iron oxide (see Note 2) or magnetic iron oxide pigments other than those of Colour Index Pigment black 11. NOTE 1 The requirements and the corresponding methods of test for micaceous iron oxide pigments are specified in ISO 10601. NOTE 2 Granular grey iron oxides are too abrasive for general use.


Pigment och fyllmedel (87.060.10)


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Internationell titel: Iron oxide pigments - Specifications and methods of test (ISO 1248:2006 including Technical Corrigendum 1:2007 and Cor 2:2008)

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