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Den människocentrerade organisationen - Vägledning för chefer (ISO 27501:2019)

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This document is intended to be used within organizations that embrace and intend to implement the principles of human centredness outlined in ISO 27500. This document is intended to provide requirements and recommendations on the human factors and ergonomics approach to achieving a successful and sustainable human-centred organization. It outlines managers' responsibilities ranging from organizational strategy to development of procedures and processes enabling human centredness, and the implementation of those procedures and processes. This document provides requirements and recommendations for managers and the actions to be taken in order for an organization to achieve human centredness. This document can be used: a) by managers to understand and improve human-centred aspects of their activities; b) by managers to identify how their staff can improve human-centred aspects of their activities; c) to provide a basis for training managers how to be human-centred; d) to provide a basis for organizations to evaluate the performance of managers. It is not a management systems standard. Nor is it intended to prevent the development of standards that are more specific or more demanding.


Ergonomi - Människa-systeminteraktion (12.040) Ergonomi (13.180)


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Internationell titel: The human-centred organization - Guidance for managers (ISO 27501:2019)

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