Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 10295

Heat resistant steel castings

Status: Valid

This European Standard is applicable to heat resistant steel castings, for general purposes (not for pressure applications) above 600 °C. It is also applicable to heat resistant nickel and cobalt base alloys. This standard relates to castings manufactured from ferritic, austenitic-ferritic, austenitic steels, nickel and cobalt base alloys (characterised by their chemical composition [see Table 1] and mechanical properties [see Table 2]). In cases where castings are joined by welding by the founder, this European Standard applies. In cases where castings are welded : - to wrought products (plates, tubes, forgings...) ; - or by non founders; this European Standard does not apply.


Iron and steel castings

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Written by: SIS - Materialteknik

International title: Heat resistant steel castings

Article no: STD-33190

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Approved: 11/22/2002

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