Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN 636:2012+A1:2015

Plywood - Specifications

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This European Standard specifies the requirements for plywood, as defined in EN 313 2, for both general purpose use (non-structural application) and structural application in dry, humid or exterior conditions. It also gives a classification system based on the bending properties.
NOTE 1 This European Standard is referenced in EN 13986 for construction applications.
This standard can be appropriately applied for all plywood, including overlaid and coated plywood, but it does not cover materials or processes used for overlaying or coating. Neither does it cover any materials or processes applied in relation to enhancement of biological durability.
NOTE 2 For additional guidance on biological durability and the potential need for preservative treatment, according to application and serviceability, reference can be made to CEN/TS 1099.
The values listed under Clause 4 relate only to product properties; they are not 'characteristic values' and are not to be used in design calculations.
NOTE 3 Characteristic values (i.e. for use in design calculation according to EN 1995–1–1) are given either in EN 12369–2 which is based on the classification system given in this standard or by the manufacturer based on testing according to EN 789, EN 1058 and ENV 1156.
Additional information on supplementary properties for certain applications is also given.


Plywood (79.060.10) Boards (92.300.30) Boards (94.350)

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Replaces: SS-EN 636:2012