Standard Swedish standard · SS-ISO 13822:2008

Bases for design of structures - Assessment of existing structures (ISO 13822:2001, IDT)

Status: Withdrawn

· Replaced by: SS-ISO 13822:2010
1.1 This International Standard provides general requirements and procedures for the assessment of existing structures (buildings, bridges, industrial structures, etc.) based on the principles of structural reliability and consequences of failure. It is based on ISO 2394.
1.2 It is applicable to the assessment of any type of existing structure that was originally designed, analysed and specified based on accepted engineering principles and/or design rules, as well as structures constructed on the basis of good workmanship, historic experience and accepted professional practice. The assessment can be initiated under the following circumstances:
-- an anticipated change in use or extension of design working life;
-- a reliability check (e.g. for earthquakes, increased traffic actions) as required by authorities, insurance companies, owners, etc.;
-- structural deterioration due to time-dependent actions (e.g. corrosion, fatigue);
-- structural damage by accidental actions (see ISO 2394).
NOTE 1 This International Standard is applicable to historical structures, provided additional considerations are taken into account concerning the preservation of the historical appearance of the structure and the preservation of its historical materials.
1.3 This International Standard is applicable to existing structures of any material, although specific adaptation can be required depending on the type of material, such as concrete, steel, timber, masonry, etc.


ISO- standards for design structures (91.070.10) General (91.080.01)

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Replaced by: SS-ISO 13822:2010