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Bevarande av kulturarv - Nybyggnation för förvaring och användning av samlingar

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Bevarande av kulturarv – Nybyggnation för förvaring och användning av samlingar (PDF)

This European Standard gives specifications and guidance for the location, construction and arrangement of building specifically intended for internal storage of all heritage collection types and formats. This standard applies to buildings where collections are housed permanently and can be used as guidance for shorter-term display spaces where appropriate. Throughout the document, where specifications relate exclusively to storage spaces, these are defined as such. Where specifications can also be applied to areas such as display galleries or reading rooms, these applications are referred to explicitly. Clauses relating to risks associated with security, environmental hazards, fire, water and pests apply to buildings as a whole and to any room in which collections may be held. Some of the clauses in this standard may be applicable in protected historic buildings that contain collections. In these settings, the scope for any alterations or achievement of conditions suitable for collections may be limited by the historic character of the structure, especially where it is protected by heritage regulations. NOTE This standard covers the structure of buildings containing heritage collections, whether for storage or use. For a description of technical processing spaces recommended in the design specifically of a storage building open to the public, attention is drawn to EN 16141. This standard should be seen as complementary to national or local building regulations and specifications.


Konstföremål och hantverksprodukter. Kulturegendom och kulturarv (97.195)


Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: Bevarande av kulturarv, SIS/TK 479

Internationell titel: Conservation of Cultural Heritage - Specifications for location, construction and modification of buildings or rooms intended for the storage or use of heritage collections

Artikelnummer: STD-80001261

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Fastställd: 2018-02-14

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