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Geometriska produktspecifikationer (GPS) - ISO tolerans- och passningssystem - Del 2: Tabeller över toleransgrader och gränsavmått för hål och axlar - Rättelse 1 (ISO 286-2:2010/Cor 1:2013)

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This part of ISO 286 gives values of the limit deviations for commonly used tolerance classes for holes and shafts calculated from the tables given in ISO 286-1. This part of ISO 286 covers values for the upper limit deviations ES (for holes) and es (for shafts), and the lower limit deviations EI (for holes) and ei (for shafts) (see Figures 1 and 2).

NOTE In the tables of limit deviations, the values of the upper limit deviation ES or es are shown above the values of the lower limit deviation EI or ei except for tolerance classes JS and js which are symmetrical about the zero line.

The ISO system for tolerances on linear size provides a system of tolerances and deviations suitable for features of the following types:
a) cylinders;
b) two parallel opposite surfaces.

For simplicity, and also because of the importance of cylindrical workpieces of circular section, only these are referred to explicitly. It should be clearly understood, however, that the tolerances and deviations given in this part of ISO 286 equally apply to workpieces of other than circular sections.

In particular, the term “hole” or “shaft” is used to designate features of the cylinder type (e.g. for the tolerancing of the diameter of a hole or shaft) and, for simplicity, these terms are also used for two parallel opposite surfaces (e.g. for the tolerancing of the thickness of a key or the width of a slot).

For further information on terminology, symbols, the basis of the system, etc., see ISO 286-1.


Toleranser och passningar (17.040.10)


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Internationell titel: Geometrical product specifications (GPS) - ISO code system for tolerances on linear sizes - Part 2: Tables of standard tolerance classes and limit deviations for holes and shafts - Technical Corrigendum 1 (ISO 286-2:2010/Cor 1:2013)

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