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Bevarande av kulturarv - Upphandling av bevarandetjänster

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This document outlines the principles, processes and best practice for procuring conservation services and works for cultural heritage. This can embrace any conservation action or measure, whether it be a preventive measure, a remedial treatment, investigation, planning, policy, or project management, etc. This document encompasses different routes to procurement depending among other things, on the scale of the work envisaged. This document is intended to be read alongside relevant regulations covering procurement and is technically specific to the conservation of cultural heritage. This document is not intended to override or conflict with European and national legislation covering procurement. This document is intended to be used - by commissioners of conservation work (e.g. custodians, public or private individuals, collecting institutions, conservation specialists, conservation funding organisations, etc.), and - by those individuals and enterprises seeking to carry out conservation work.


Konstföremål och hantverksprodukter. Kulturegendom och kulturarv (97.195)


Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: Bevarande av kulturarv, SIS/TK 479

Internationell titel: Conservation of cultural heritage - Procurement of conservation services and works

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Fastställd: 2020-08-18

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