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Belysningsstolpar - Del 3-3: Konstruktion och verifiering - Verifiering genom beräkning

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· Ersätts av: SS-EN 40-3-3:2013
This European Standard specifies the requirements for the verification of the design of lighting columns by calculation. It applies to post top columns not exceeding 20 m height for post top lanterns and to lighting columns with brackets not exceeding 18 m height for side entry lanterns. The calculations used in this standard are based on limit state principles, where the effects of factored loads are compared with the relevant resistance of the structure. Two limit states are considered: a) the ultimate limit state, which corresponds to the load-carrying capacity of the lighting column; b) the serviceability limit state, which relates to the deflection of the lighting column in service. NOTE In following this approach, simplifications appropriate to lighting columns have been adopted, These are: 1) the calculations are applicable to circular and regular octagonal cross-sections; 2) the number of separate partial safety factors have been reduced to a minimum; 3) serviceability partial safety factors have a value equal to unity. The requirements for lighting columns made from materials other than concrete, steel, aluminium or fibre reinforced polymer composite (for example wood, plastic and cast iron) are not specifically covered in this standard. This standard includes performance requirements for horizontal loads due to wind. Passive safety and the behaviour of a lighting column under the impact of a vehicle are not included, this group of lighting columns will have additional requirements (see prEN 40-2).


Utomhusbelysning (91.160.20) Gatubelysning och tillhörande utrustning (93.080.40)


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Internationell titel: Lighting columns - Part 3-3: Design and verification - Verification by calculation

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Fastställd: 2003-07-11

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Ersätter: SS 2777 , SS 2776

Ersätts av: SS-EN 40-3-3:2013