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Teknisk produktdokumentation (TPD) - Angivelse av mått och toleranser - Del 1: Allmänna principer (ISO 129-1, IDT)

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· Ersätts av: SS-EN ISO 129-1:2019
This document establishes the general principles for presentation of dimensions and associated
tolerances that apply to 2D technical drawings in all disciplines and trades but which can also be
applied to 3D applications.
This document does not cover the application of dimensional tolerances and their meaning. See
ISO 14405-1 for tolerancing principles. This document can only be used to describe the nominal model
of a drawing, not the non-ideal surface model (skin model) used for tolerancing purposes (for more
information on tolerancing specifications, see the list of GPS standards listed as normative reference or
as bibliography)
Considering the ISO 14405 series, the presentation of tolerance indication is unambiguous when it is
applied to a dimension which is a size and ambiguous when the dimension is not a size.
All rules presented in this document are available for any type of drawing (see ISO 29845).
In addition, this document introduces the concept of property indicators, developed length, between,
surface indicators, flag notes and textual instructions.
NOTE 1 All figures are shown in 2D views only.
NOTE 2 Additional information and details for construction engineering are given in ISO 6284.


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Internationell titel: Technical product documentation (TPD) - Indication of dimensions and tolerances - Part 1: General principles (ISO 129-1, IDT)

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Ersätter: SS-ISO 129-1:2004 , SS-ISO 129-1:2004

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