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Sågat virke - Bedömning av torkningskvalitet

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This document defines a method of assessment of drying quality. It applies to a lot of dried sawn timber, a lot of dried planed timber and a lot of dried sawn timber surfaced by other means. It applies to both softwood and hardwood with a thickness not greater than 100 mm. The quality of drying is expressed in terms of target and average moisture content of the lot as well as defining the moisture content variation between individual pieces expressed as allowable upper and lower limits. An option for specifying the degree of case-hardening is included. NOTE 1 Other features related to drying, e.g. checking, distortions, stain, etc., are specified in documents for visual grading of sawn timber or in product specifications and are not covered by this document. NOTE 2 In the following the term "sawn timber" is used for all dried timber covered by this the scope.


Trä, sågtimmer och sågat virke (79.040)


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