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Vattenundersökningar - Total betaaktivitet i icke-salthaltigt vatten - Tjockskiktsmetod (ISO 9697:2015)

Status: Upphävd · Ersätts av: SS-EN ISO 9697:2019

ISO 9697:2015 specifies a test method for the determination of gross beta activity concentration in non-saline waters. The method covers non-volatile radionuclides with maximum beta energies of approximately 0,3 MeV or higher. Measurement of low energy beta emitters (e.g. 3H, 228Ra, 210Pb, 14C, 35S, and 241Pu) and some gaseous or volatile radionuclides (e.g. radon and radioiodine) might not be included in the gross beta quantification using the test method described in ISO 9697:2015. This test method is applicable to the analysis of raw and drinking waters. The range of application depends on the amount of total soluble salts in the water and on the performance characteristics (background count rate and counting efficiency) of the counter used. It is the laboratory's responsibility to ensure the suitability of this method for the water samples tested.


Undersökning av vattens fysikaliska egenskaper (13.060.60) Strålningsskydd (13.280)


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