Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN ISO 14116:2015

Skyddskläder mot flamma - Material, materialkombinationer och kläder med begränsad flamspridning (ISO 14116:2015)

Status: Gällande

This International Standard specifies the performance requirements for the Limited Flame Spread properties of all materials, all material assemblies and protective clothing in order to reduce the possibility of the clothing burning when in occasional and brief contact with small flames and thereby itself constituting a hazard. Additional requirements for clothing are also specified, including design requirements, mechanical requirements, marking and information supplied by the manufacturer. When protection against heat hazards is necessary in addition to protection against flame, this standard is not appropriate. Standards such as ISO 11612, should be used. A classification system is given for materials, material assemblies and garments which are tested according to ISO 15025, Procedure A.


Skyddskläder (13.340.10)


Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: Skydd mot hetta och flamma, SIS/TK 402/AG 02

Internationell titel: Protective clothing - Protection against flame - Limited flame spread materials, material assemblies and clothing (ISO 14116:2015)

Artikelnummer: STD-8016848

Utgåva: 2

Fastställd: 2015-10-21

Antal sidor: 28

Ersätter: SS-EN ISO 14116:2008