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Blanka stålprodukter - Tekniska leveransbestämmelser

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This document specifies the technical delivery requirements for bright steel bars in the drawn, peeled/turned or ground condition and they are intended for mechanical purposes, for example for machine parts. The bright bars are subdivided into the following steel types: a) non-alloy general engineering steels; b) non-alloy free-cutting steels; c) non-alloy and alloy case-hardening steels; d) non-alloy and alloy steels for quenching and tempering. This document lists the mechanical characteristics for products up to 100 mm in thickness. For larger dimensions, the manufacturer and purchaser agree on mechanical properties at the time of enquiry and order. It does not cover cold rolled products and cut lengths produced from strip or sheet by cutting. Bright steel products of stainless steels are to be found in EN 10088 3. In addition to this document, the general technical delivery requirements of EN 10021 are applicable.


Stål för värmebehandling (77.140.10) Specialstål (77.140.20) Stång och valstråd av stål (77.140.60)


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Internationell titel: Bright steel products - Technical delivery conditions

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