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Miljöledning - Vattenpåverkan - Principer, krav och vägledning (ISO 14046:2014)

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This International Standard specifies principles, requirements and guidelines related to water footprint assessment of products, processes and organizations based on life cycle assessment (LCA).

This International Standard provides principles, requirements and guidelines for conducting and reporting a water footprint assessment as a stand-alone assessment, or as part of a more comprehensive environmental assessment.

Only air and soil emissions that impact water quality are included in the assessment, and not all air and soil emissions are included.

The result of a water footprint assessment is a single value or a profile of impact indicator results.

Whereas reporting is within the scope of this International Standard, communication of water footprint results, for example in the form of labels or declarations, is outside the scope of this International Standard.

NOTE Specific requirements and guidelines for organizations are given in Annex A.


Ledningssystem för miljö (04.100) Miljöledning (13.020.10) Produkters livscykler (13.020.60)


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Internationell titel: Environmental management - Water footprint - Principles, requirements and guidelines (ISO 14046:2014)

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