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Järnmalm - Provtagning och metoder för provberedning (ISO 3082:2017, IDT)

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ISO 3082:2017 provides a) the underlying theory, b) the basic principles for sampling and preparation of samples, and c) the basic requirements for the design, installation and operation of sampling systems for mechanical sampling, manual sampling and preparation of samples taken from a lot under transfer. This is in order to determine the chemical composition, moisture content, size distribution and other physical and metallurgical properties of the lot, except bulk density obtained using ISO 3852 (Method 2). The methods specified in this document are applicable to both the loading and discharging of a lot by means of belt conveyors and other ore-handling equipment to which a mechanical sampler can be installed or where manual sampling can safely be conducted. The methods are applicable to all iron ores, whether natural or processed (e.g. concentrates and agglomerates, such as pellets or sinters).




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Framtagen av: Järnmalm, SIS/TK 149

Internationell titel: Iron ores - Sampling and sample preparation procedures (ISO 3082:2017, IDT)

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