Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 12195-1:2010/AC:2014

Lastsäkring på vägfordon - Säkerhet - Del 1: Beräkning av surrningskrafter

Status: Gällande

This European Standard is applicable to the design of securing methods (blocking, lashing, and combinations) for securing of loads for surface transport by road vehicles or parts of them (lorries, trailers, containers and swap bodies), including their transport on vessels or by rail and/or combinations thereof. Hump shunting with acceleration over 1 g during railway transport is excluded, as it is not foreseen in combined transport. (Web lashings see EN 12195-2, lashing chains see EN 12195-3, lashing steel wire ropes see EN 12195-4). This European Standard does not apply for vehicles with a total weight equal to or lower than 3 500 kg. NOTE Lighter vehicles can have driving characteristics, which give higher values of acceleration on the road. For dimensioning of load securing a distinction is made between stable loads and loads liable to tilting. Furthermore, the acceleration coefficients for surface transport are specified. For over top lashing the force loss in the tension force of the lashing at the outer edges between load and lashing is taken into account. The securing forces to be chosen for calculation in this EN 12195-1 are static forces produced by blocking or tensioning of lashings and dynamic forces, which act on the lashing as a reaction of the load movements.Examples for the application of calculations are given in Annex A.


Övrigt (55.180.99)


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Internationell titel: Load restraining on road vehicles - Safety - Part 1: Calculation of securing forces

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Ersätter: SS-EN 12195-1:2010/AC:2013

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