Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN ISO 15783

Tätningslösa roterande pumpar - Klass II - Teknisk specifikation (ISO 15783:2002)

Status: Gällande · Tillägg: SS-EN ISO 15783/A1:2008

1.1 This International Standard specifies the requirements for seal-less rotodynamic pumps that are driven with permanent magnet coupling (magnet drive pumps) or with canned motor, and which are mainly used in chemical processes, water treatment and petrochemical industries. Their use can be dictated by space, noise, environment or safety regulations. Seal-less pumps are pumps where an inner rotor is completely contained in a pressure vessel holding the pumped fluid. The pressure vessel or primary containment device is sealed by static seals such as gaskets or O-rings. 1.2 Pumps will normally conform to recognized standard specifications (e.g. ISO 5199, explosion protection, electromagnetic compatibility), except where special requirements are specified herein. 1.3 This International Standard includes design features concerned with installation, maintenance and operational safety of the pumps, and defines those items to be agreed upon between the purchaser and manufacturer/supplier. 1.4 Where conformity to this International Standard has been requested and calls for a specific design feature, alternative designs may be offered providing that they satisfy the intent of this International Standard and they are described in detail. Pumps which do not conform with all requirements of this International Standard may also be offered providing that the deviations are fully identified and described. Whenever documents include contradictory requirements, they should be applied in the following sequence of priority: a) purchase order (or inquiry, if no order placed), see annexes D and E; b) data sheet (see annex A) or technical sheet or specification; c) this International Standard; d) other standards.


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Internationell titel: Seal-less rotodynamic pumps - Class II - Specification (ISO 15783:2002)

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