Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 12952-16

Vattenrörspannor och hjälpinstallationer - Del 16: Krav för eldning på roster och fluidiserad bädd för fasta bränslen

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1.1 Firing systems This Part of this European Standard applies to atmospheric fluidized-bed and grate firing systems of steam boilers and hot water generators. These systems commence at the fuel bunkers and end at the ash extraction plant. For combination of various firing systems, the individual requirements of each system apply, especially those included in EN 12952-8 and EN 12952-9. If several fuels are burnt simultaneously or if a fuel quality varies considerably (e.g. moisture content), additional safety measures may be necessary, especially with respect to limitation of the fuel flow into the firing system and ensuring proper air supply to the individual fuels. Pressurized firing systems may require enhanced safety measures, which are not given in this European Standard. 1.2 Fuels This European Standard covers the use of solid fuels. Pulverized fuel fired in an entrained air flow (burner) system is covered by EN 12952-9.


Gasturbiner, ångturbiner, ångmaskiner (27.040) Tryckkärl - vattenrörspannor (27.060.40)


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Internationell titel: Water-tube boilers and auxiliary installations - Part 16: Requirements for grate and fluidized-bed firing systems for solid fuels for the boiler

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Fastställd: 2003-01-17

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