Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 45510-4-1

Vägledning vid upphandling av kraftverksutrustning - Del 4: Tillbehör till pannor - Avsnitt 1: Utrustning för reducering av dammemission

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This standard gives guidance on writing the technical specification for the procurement of dust emission reduction equipment for use in electricity generating stations (power stations). This Guide for procurement is not applicable to equipment for use in the nuclear reactor plant area of nuclear power stations. Other possible applications of such equipment have not been considered in the preparation of this Guide. This Guide covers: - mechanical separators; - bag filters; - electrostatic precipitators. The performance of dust collecting equipment depends on the physical and chemical properties of the flue gas and the particles in the flue gas. The choice of equipment is therefore dependent on these properties and the pollution regulations to be met. Wet removal systems are not normally used to extract the large quantities of dust in electricity generating stations because of difficulties in the disposal of the sludge, treatment of the waste water and lowering of the flue gas discharge temperature. If they are offered, the extent of supply should normally include waste water treatment plant and proposals for reheating the flue gas. The equipment covered by this Guide is defined by its function rather than design type. Therefore, the guidance to the specification is stated in performance terms rather than being specified by a detailed description of the equipment to be supplied. This Guide indicates to potential purchasers how their specification should be prepared so that: - the equipment type and capacity interfaces correctly with other elements of the systems; - predicted performance is achieved; - ancillary equipment is properly sized; - reliability, availability and safety requirements are achieved; - proper consideration is given to the evaluation process and the quality measures to be applied. This Guide does not determine the type of specification (e.g. detailed, performance, functional) or the extent of supply for any given contract which is normally decided


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