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Byggnaders termiska egenskaper - Kvalitativ metod för lokalisering av termiska ofullkomligheter i klimatskärmen - Infraröd metod (värmekamera)

Status: Gällande

This standard specifies a qualitative method, by thermographic examination, for detecting thermal irregularities in building envelopes. The method is used initially to identify wide variations in the thermal properties, including air tightness, of the
components constituting the external envelopes of buildings.

In this standard two forms of thermography are specified:

-- Testing with an IR camera is primarily intended for the inspection of the overall
performance of new buildings or the result after a rebuilding operation.

-- Simplified testing with an IR camera is suitable when carrying out audits, e.g. at the site of a rebuilding project or at production control or other routine inspections.

These two adaptations differ mainly with regard to the reporting and the presentation of results.

The results obtained by means of this method have to be interpreted and assessed by persons who are specially trained for this purpose.

This standard applies to the determination of the location of thermal irregularities and to the location of air leakage paths through the enclosure. This standard does not apply to the determination of the degree of thermal insulation and air tightness of a structure. For such determinations, examinations by other methods are required.


Värmeisolering (91.120.10) Byggarbeten (92.200.20)


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