Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 14846:2008

Byggnadsbeslag - Låshus - Elektromekaniskt manövrerade lås och slutbleck - Krav och provning

Status: Gällande

This European Standard specifies requirements and test methods for strength, security, durability and function of electrical and electronic components for all types of electromechanically operated locks and striking plates used on doors, window doors and entrance doors in buildings.
Requirements relating to the purely mechanical feature of products included in this European Standard (e.g. resistance to drilling/side load) are covered by EN 12209.
This European Standard covers electromechanically operated locks and striking plates which are either manufactured and placed on the market in their entirety by one producer or assembled from sub-assemblies produced by more than one producer and designed to be used in combination.
This document is not applicable to electrically powered hold-open devices (EN 1155), electrically controlled panic exit systems (prEN 13633) or electrically controlled emergency exit systems (prEN 13637). It does not apply to purely magnetic locks, mechatronic or mechanical cylinders (EN 1303), handles (EN 1906), locks for windows, padlocks (EN 12320), locks for safes (EN 1300), furniture locks or prison locks, nor does it apply to cover operating and identification devices (such as mechanical cylinders, intelligent cards, digit codes, magnetic cards).
This European Standard does not, for the time being, apply to electromagnetic door locks but these devices will be considered for inclusion in the first revision of this European Standard.


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Internationell titel: Building hardware - Locks and latches - Electromechanically operated locks and striking plates - Requirements and test methods

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