Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 13637:2015

Byggnadsbeslag - Elektriskt kontrollerade nödutrymningssystem - Krav och provningsmetoder

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This European Standard specifies requirements for performance and testing of electrically controlled exit systems, specifically designed for use in an emergency or panic situation on escape routes.

This European Standard covers electrically controlled exit systems that are either manufactured and placed on the market in their entirety by one manufacturer or assembled from sub-assemblies produced by more than one manufacturer and subsequently placed on the market as a kit in a single transaction.

These electrically controlled exit systems consist of at least the following elements, separated or combined
— initiating element for requesting the release of electrical locking element in order to exit;
— electrical locking element for securing an exit door;
— electrical controlling element for supplying, connecting and controlling electrical locking element and initiating element;
— in addition, these electrically controlled exit systems can include time delay and/or denied exit mode.

The Products covered by this standard are intended to be used for doors on escape routes, on either fire or non-fire rated door assemblies.


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Internationell titel: Building hardware - Electrically controlled exit systems for use on escape routes - Requirements and test methods

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