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Träbaserade skivor - Specifikationer och funktionskrav för golv på reglar, väggar och yttertak

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· Ersätts av: SS-EN 12871:2013
This European Standard specifies the performance requirements and the procedure for demonstrating compliance, through type testing, of load-bearing wood-based panels fitted on:

a) structural joists for decking:
- in flooring applications in categories of use A, B, C and D;
- in roof applications in categories of use H and I;

for which type testing involves:
- punching shear under concentrated loading;
- vertically dropped soft body impact;

b) studs for walling application for which type testing involves:
- racking behaviour;
- pendular soft body impact.

This European Standard also provides a calculation method related to soft overlays that may be installed on roofs or floors with uniform loading.

NOTE Soft body impact, addressing safety matters both during construction and in service, is defined in EN 1990 and EN 1991-1 (all parts).

Annex A (normative) lists the contact areas of the loading heads that may be used for concentrated loading.

Annex B (informative) provides examples for a decking application in a floor and a roof.


Träbaserade skivor Allmänt (79.060.01) Skivor (92.300.30) Skivor (94.350)


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