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This International Standard specifies anatomical and basicentric coordinate systems for biodynamical measurements, for reference purposes in cognate standards development, and for precisely describing human exposure to mechanical vibration and shock. The segmental anatomical coordinate systems defined in this International Standard are for the head, root of the neck (driving-point for the head and neck system), pelvis, and hand. General principles are stated for the establishment of corresponding anatomical coordinate systems for other skeletal body segments. The biodynamic coordinate systems defined in this International Standard can serve as frames of reference for the description and measurement of both translational and rotational vibration and shock motion affecting humans. NOTES 1 Although defined for human subjects, these anatomical coordinate systems are adaptable, using a knowledge of comparative anatomy, to non-human primates or to other animal species whose skeletal anatomy is recognizably comparable, radiographically, with the relevant anatomy of humans. 2 When the need arises for other segmental anatomical coordinate systems (e.g. for the arm, wrist, leg or foot), these should be defined according to corresponding principles of anatomy and of standardization, and may be proposed for inclusion in subsequent revisions of this International Standard. 3 This International Standard recognizes no difference between male and female skeletal anatomy bearing upon the definition and use of biodynamic coordinate systems. Moreover, the same principles apply when defining anatomical coordinate systems for children, and for non-human mammalian species used in ethical biodynamics research, development, testing and evaluation.


Vibration med avseende på människor. (13.160)


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Framtagen av: Människans påverkan av vibrationer, SIS/TK 111/AG 01

Internationell titel: Mechanical vibration and shock - Human exposure - Biodynamic coordinate systems (ISO 8727:1997, IDT)

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