Standard Tekniska specifikationer · SIS-CEN ISO/TS 8662-11:2004

Handhållna maskiner - Mätning av vibrationer i handtag - Del 11: Spikningsverktyg

Status: Gällande

This part of ISO 8662 specifies a laboratory method for measuring the single-event vibration at the handle of fastener driving tools, where a single event is a mechanical shock or a series of individual shocks at intervals longer than 0,2 s. It is a type test procedure for establishing the vibration value in the handle of a hand-held power tool operating under a specified load.
NOTE Fastener driving tools are also referred to as nailers, pinners, tackers and staplers.
For fastener driving tools to which this part of ISO 8662 is applicable, the power required for operation can be supplied by pneumatic or hydraulic pressure, combustible gases in an internal combustion engine or from spring
tension. The fastener driving tools may be actuated by single actuation, contact actuation or continuous actuation.
This part of ISO 8662 is applicable to fasteners comprising nails, staples, pins, corrugated fasteners, screws used as nails, dowels, sleeves, cable collars and base supports.
It is intended that the results of application of this part of ISO 8662 be used for comparing different models of the same type of power tool.


Vibration med avseende på människor. (13.160) Övrigt (25.140.99)


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Internationell titel: Hand-held portable power tools - Measurement of vibrations at the handle - Part 11: Fastener driving tools

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