Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN ISO 14121-1:2007

Maskinsäkerhet - Riskbedömning - Del 1: Principer (ISO 14121-1:2007)

Status: Upphävd · Ersätts av: SS-EN ISO 12100:2010

This part of ISO 14121 establishes general principles intended to be used to meet the risk reduction objectives established in ISO 12100-1:2003, Clause 5. These principles of risk assessment bring together knowledge and experience of the design, use, incidents, accidents and harm related to machinery in order to assess the risks posed during the relevant phases of the life cycle of a machine. This part of ISO 14121 provides guidance on the information that will be required to enable risk assessment to be carried out. Procedures are described for identifying hazards and estimating and evaluating risk. It also gives guidance on the making of decisions relating to the safety of machinery and on the type of documentation required to verify the risk assessment carried out. It is not applicable to risks posed to domestic animals, property or the environment.


Maskinsäkerhet (13.110) Grundläggande standarder (14.010)


Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: Maskinsäkerhet, SIS/TK 282

Internationell titel: Safety of machinery - Risk assessment - Part 1: Principles (ISO 14121-1:2007)

Artikelnummer: STD-63138

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Fastställd: 2007-09-13

Antal sidor: 44

Finns även på: SS-EN ISO 14121-1:2007

Ersätter: SS-EN 1050

Ersätts av: SS-EN ISO 12100:2010