Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 10270-3:2011

Fjädertråd - Del 3: Rostfri fjädertråd

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1.1 This European Standard applies to the grades of stainless steels listed in Table 1, which are usually used in the cold drawn condition in the form of wire of circular cross-section up to 10,00 mm in diameter, for the production of springs and spring parts that are exposed to corrosive effects and sometimes to slightly increased temperatures (see A.1).

1.2 In addition to the steels listed in Table 1 certain of the steel grades covered by EN 10088-3 e.g. 1.4571, 1.4539, 1.4028 are also used for springs, although to much lesser extent. In these cases the mechanical properties (tensile strength, etc.) should be agreed between purchaser and supplier. Similarly, diameters between 10,00 mm and 15,00 mm may be ordered according to this standard; in this case the parties should agree upon the required mechanical characteristics.

1.3 In addition to this European Standard the general technical delivery requirements of EN 10021 are applicable.


Fjäderstål (77.140.25) Ståltråd, stållinor, ringkedjor (77.140.65)


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