Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 13913

Järnvägar - Fjädringskomponenter av gummi - Elastomerbaserade mekaniska delar

Status: Gällande

This European Standard defines: - characteristics that elastomer-based mechanical parts shall achieve, together with applicable inspection and test methods to be carried out for verification; - approval procedure to be implemented by the customer; - guidelines for qualification of the product with specified requirements; - quality monitoring of elastomer-based mechanical parts in manufacture. This European Standard applies to elastomer-based mechanical parts designed to be fitted on railway vehicles and similar vehicles running on dedicated tracks with permanent guide systems, whatever the type of rail and the running surface. Typical applications of elastomer-based mechanical parts include: - vehicle suspension systems; - equipment mounting systems; - joints (e.g.: end-mountings of dampers, elastomer-based bearings, elastomer-based parts used on mechanical couplings); - limit stops. These parts can be: - made entirely of elastomer, operating on their own or in combination with other elastic parts; - made up of elastomer and other materials, adherent together or not. This European Standard does not apply to: - rubber diaphragms for pneumatic suspension springs; - elastic parts of buffing and drawgear springs; - diaphragms, bellows and seals; - hoses and tubings; - transmission belts.


Material och komponenter för järnvägsteknik (45.040)


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Internationell titel: Railway applications - Rubber suspension components - Elastomer-based mechanical parts

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Fastställd: 2003-04-17

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