Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 14363:2016+A1:2019

Järnvägar - Provning och simulation gällande acceptans av gångegenskaper hos järnvägsfordon - Gångdynamik och stationära provningar

Status: Gällande

This European Standard defines the process for assessment of the running characteristics of railway vehicles for the European network of standard gauge tracks (nominally 1 435 mm).
In addition to the assessment of the running characteristics of vehicles for acceptance processes, this standard also defines quantities and dependencies that are not directly used for acceptance purposes. This information is for example intended for the validation of simulation models. It can also be used to define operating conditions outside the reference conditions to be used for the approval.
The assessment of running characteristics applies to vehicles which:
- are newly developed;
- have had relevant design modifications; or
- have changes in their operating conditions.
The assessment process is based on specified target test conditions (see 3.1) given in this document.
Experience over many years has demonstrated that vehicles complying with this standard can be operated safely on infrastructure with conditions more severe than the target test conditions, if the current general operating rules are applied. As an example it is generally current practice to restrict cant deficiency in curves below a certain radius. It may be necessary to adapt these operating rules, if a deterioration of the infrastructure conditions is observed. These operating rules are defined on a national basis. The procedure to evaluate these operating rules is out of the scope of this standard.
NOTE 1 There are margins included in the specified limit values and the statistical evaluation. They cannot be quantified, but they explain why vehicles can also be operated at full speed and cant deficiency in many cases outside of the target test conditions.
This standard also enables the demonstration of compliance against the target test conditions for the case that their combination is not achievable during tests. It is also possible to carry out the assessment of a vehicle for limited test conditions suc ...


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Internationell titel: Railway applications - Testing and Simulation for the acceptance of running characteristics of railway vehicles - Running Behaviour and stationary tests

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