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Leksaker - Säkerhetsregler - Del 11: Analysmetoder för organiska föreningar

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This Part 11 of the European Standard EN 71 for safety of toys specifies methods for the analysis of toy and toy material extracts prepared according to the sampling procedures in EN 71-10, to enable assessment of compliance with the chemical requirements specified in EN 71-9. This European Standard specifies analytical methods for the identification and determination of the following groups of organic chemicals: -- Flame retardants -- Colourants -- Primary aromatic amines -- Monomers and solvents -- Wood preservatives -- Preservatives -- Plasticisers NOTE 1 Methods for formaldehyde in accessible textile components of toys; accessible paper components of toys; and accessible resin-bonded wood components of toys are specified in EN 71-9. NOTE 2 The method for free formaldehyde as a preservative is specified in EN 71-10.


Leksaker (97.200.50)


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Internationell titel: Safety of toys - Part 11: Organic chemical compounds - Methods of analysis

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