Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 16442:2015

Tork- och förvaringsskåp med kontrollerad miljö för processade värmekänsliga endoskop

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This European Standard specifies the performance requirements applying to cabinets designed to store, or store and dry, thermolabile endoscopes following automated or manual processing.
The storage cabinets are designed to provide a controlled environment for storage of endoscope(s), with or without channels, and when necessary drying of the endoscope(s), including the endoscope(s) channels.
The controlled environment provided by the storage cabinet ensures that during storage there is no deterioration of the microbiological quality of the endoscope. The drying function is intended to supplement, if necessary, any drying provided as part of the automated or manual processing cycle.
This European Standard specifies storage cabinets which flush the channels and the external surfaces of endoscopes with air.
NOTE 1 The storage cabinet is one of the means that can allow the safe use of the endoscope for an extended period from the time of processing and improve availability for emergency use.
NOTE 2 Thorough drying of an endoscope in a washer-disinfector can require a prolonged cycle time; the use of a storage cabinet including a drying function can enhance throughput of the endoscopes.
The cabinet is not intended to provide any cleaning or disinfection function.
This European Standard does not include the use of other chemicals for drying and maintaining the quality of endoscopes during storage


Utrustning för sterilisering (11.080.10) Sjukvårdstextilier: allmänt (11.140)


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Internationell titel: Controlled environment storage cabinet for processed thermolabile endoscopes

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