Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN ISO 12417-1:2015

Kardiovaskulära implantat och extrakorporala system - produkter som kombinerar medicinsk teknisk produkt med läkemedel - Del 1: Allmänna krav (ISO 12417-1:2015)

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This part of ISO 12417 specifies requirements for vascular device-drug combination products (VDDCPs) based upon current technical and medical knowledge. VDDCPs are medical devices with various clinical indications for use in the human vascular blood system. A VDDCP incorporates, as an integral part, substance(s) which, if used separately, can be considered to be a medicinal substance or product (drug substance, drug product) but the action of the medicinal substance is ancillary to that of the device and supports the primary mode of action (PMOA) of the device. With regard to safety, this part of ISO 12417 outlines requirements for intended performance, design attributes, materials, design evaluation, manufacturing, sterilization, packaging, and information supplied by the manufacturer. For implanted products, this International Standard should be considered as a supplement to ISO 14630, which specifies general requirements for the performance of non-active surgical implants. This International Standard should also be considered as a supplement to relevant device-specific standards, such as the ISO 25539-series specifying requirements for endovascular devices. Requirements listed in this part of ISO 12417 also address VDDCPs that are not permanent implants.NOTE Due to variations in the design of combination products covered by this part of ISO 12417 and due to the relatively recent development of some of these combination products, acceptable standardized in vitro test results and clinical study results are not always available. As further scientific and clinical data become available, appropriate revision of this part of ISO 12417 might be necessary.


Kirurgiska implantat, proteser och ortoser (11.040.40)


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Internationell titel: Cardiovascular implants and extracorporeal systems - Vascular device-drug combination products - Part 1: General requirements (ISO 12417-1:2015)

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