Standard Svensk standard · SS-ISO 11076:2012

Markutrustningar för flygplatser - Avisningsmetoder (ISO 11076:2012, IDT)

Status: Upphävd · Ersätts av: SS-ISO 11076:2020

1.1 This International Standard establishes the minimum requirements for aircraft de-icing/anti-icing methods on the ground, in accordance with the ICAO Manual of aircraft ground de-icing/anti-icing operations (Doc. 9640-AN/940) and relevant national regulations, to facilitate the safe operation of main-line and regional civil transport airplanes during icing conditions. This International Standard does not specify requirements for specific aircraft model types.

1.2 Aircraft manufacturers' published manuals, procedures or methods take precedence over the information in this International Standard.

1.3 Airline-published manuals, procedures or methods supplement the information contained in this International Standard.

1.4 Frost, ice or snow deposits, which can seriously affect the aerodynamic performance and/or controllability of an aircraft, are effectively removed by the application of the procedures specified in this International Standard.

1.5 It is the airplane operator’s responsibility to consult the airplane manufacturer’s aircraft operations manual, aircraft maintenance manual and service letters to determine any limitations or restrictions relating to the use of de-icing/anti-icing methods complying with this International Standardfor the type and model of airplane to be treated.


Marktjänst- och underhållsutrustningar (49.100)


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Internationell titel: Aircraft - De-icing/anti-icing methods on the ground (ISO 11076:2012, IDT)

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