Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 14276-1:2006+A1:2011

Tryckutrustning för kylsystem och värmepumpar - Del 1: Kärl - Allmänna krav

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This European Standard specifies the requirements for material, design, manufacturing, testing and documentation for stationary pressure vessels intended for use in refrigerating systems and heat pumps. These systems are refer-enced in this standard as refrigerating systems as defined in EN 378-1.

This European Standard applies to vessels including welded or brazed attachments up to and including the nozzle flanges, screwed, welded or brazed connectors or to the edge to be welded or brazed at the first circumferential joint connecting piping or other elements.

This European Standard applies to pressure vessels with an internal pressure down to – 1 bar, to account for the evacuation of the vessel prior to charging with refrigerant.

This European Standard applies to both the mechanical loading conditions and thermal conditions as defined in EN 13445-3 associated with refrigerating systems. It applies to pressure vessels subject to the maximum allowable temperatures for which nominal design stresses for materials are derived using EN 13445-2 and EN 13445-3 or as specified in this standard. In addition vessels designed to this standard should have a maximum design tempera-ture not exceeding 200 °C and a maximum design pressure not exceeding 64 bars. Outside of these limits, it is im-portant that EN 13445 be used for the design, construction and inspection of the vessel. Under these circum-stances it is important that the unique nature of refrigerating plant, as indicated in the introduction to this standard, also be taken into account.

It is important that pressure vessels used in refrigerating systems and heat pumps of category less than II as de-fined in Annex H comply with other relevant clauses of EN 378-2 for vessels.

This European Standard applies to pressure vessels where the main pressure bearing parts are manufactured from metallic ductile materials as defined in Clause 4 and Annex I of this standard.


Tryckkärl (23.020.30) Värmepumpar (27.080) Kylteknik (27.200)


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Framtagen av: Kyl- och värmepumpsanläggningar - Säkerhet, SIS/TK 243

Internationell titel: Pressure equipment for refrigerating systems and heat pumps - Part 1: Vessels - General requirements

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Fastställd: 2011-02-24

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Ersätter: SS-EN 14276-1:2006