Standard Tekniska rapporter · SIS-CEN/TR 15316-6-1:2017

Byggnaders energiprestanda - Metod för beräkning av energibehov och systemeffektivitet - Del 6-1: Förklaring och motivering av EN 15.316-1, Modul M3-1, M3-4, M3-9, M8- 1, M8-4

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This Technical Report refers to standard EN 15316-1:2017, modules M3-1, M8-1, M3-4, M8-4, M3-9, M8-9. It contains information to support the correct understanding, use and national adaptation of standard EN 15316-1:2017. This Technical Report does not contain any normative provision. The related standard EN 15316-1:2017 is the general frame for the calculation of the energy use and the energy performance of heating and domestic hot water systems. This standards is only dealing with the heat, provided by water based systems, needed for heating, domestic hot water and cooling (e.g. absorption chiller). It specifies how to perform the calculation of the entire installation using the calculation modules (see Figure 1) corresponding to the methods defined in the respective standards. It deals with common issues like operating conditions calculation and energy performance indicators. It standardises the inputs and outputs in order to achieve a common European calculation method. It allows the energy analysis of the heating and Domestic hot water systems and sub-systems including control (emission, distribution, storage, generation) by comparing the system losses and by defining energy performance indicators.


Solenergi (27.160) Värmeisolering (91.120.10) Centralvärme (91.140.10)


Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: Värme och kylsystem, SIS/TK 189/AG 03

Internationell titel: Energy performance of buildings- Method for calculation of system energy requirements and system efficiencies - Part 6-1: Explanation and justification of EN 15316-1, Module M3-1, M3-4, M3-9, M8-1, M8-4

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