Standard Tekniska rapporter · SIS-CEN/TR 16239:2011

Montering av gjutna armerade gipsprodukter

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This Technical Report provides details on the rules and recommendations for the installation of works carried out using fibrous (gypsum) plaster casts as defined in European Standard EN 13815, with instructions and details about construction.

Fibrous (gypsum) plaster casts from the three categories of production below (see 4.1 of EN 13815:2006) should be involved in this Technical Report:
a) “cpp” allowing regulatory marking CE,
b) “cppv” allowing regulatory marking CE,
c) “ipp” either when CE marking is required or without CE marking (see Annex D, note 2 of EN 13815:2006).

There are three products:
- traditional fibrous (gypsum) plaster casts, and two specific products:
- GRG casts,
- PMGRG casts.

NOTE 1 Construction of traditional gypsum plaster works using screwed system, showing similar provisions with GRG works screwed construction, is not dealt in this Technical Report.

NOTE 2 PMGRG works are not dealt in this Technical Report.

There are three ranges of casts, defined by their principal functions shapes and configurations (see 4.2 of EN 13815:2006):
- casts for interior architecture,
- casts for technical functions and
- units.

The equipment, accessories and devices are defined in this document.

This Technical Report applies to both new construction and to the refurbishment, restructuring or conversion of existing buildings.

Fibrous plastering work should be capable of having the usual finishes applied directly to them (e.g. paint, wallpaper), subject to the normal preparatory work applicable for the finish.


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Internationell titel: Installation rules of fibrous (gypsum) plaster works

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