Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 13950:2014

Ljud- och värmeisolerande element av gipsskiva och isoleringsmaterial - Definitioner, krav och provningsmetoder

Status: Gällande

This European Standard specifies the characteristics and performance of thermal/acoustic insulation composite panels made of an insulating material laminated to gypsum boards for which the main intended use is the internal insulation (thermal and/or acoustic) of walls. They are attached with adhesives or by mechanical fixings to vertical solid backgrounds and by mechanical fixings to wood or metal framing with the gypsum board face exposed. The method of fixing and jointing should ensure that the insulating material is not exposed in its normal application. This European Standard covers the following performance characteristics: reaction to fire, fire resistance, water vapour permeability, flexural strength, impact resistance, direct airborne sound insulation and thermal resistance to be measured according to the corresponding European test methods. It provides for the assessment and verification of constancy of performance of the products to this European Standard. This European Standard covers also additional technical characteristics that are of importance for the use and acceptance of the product by the construction industry.


Byggnadsmaterial och byggnader (01.040.91) Cement, gips, kalk, bruk (91.100.10) Värme och ljudisolerande material (91.100.60) Invändiga ytskikt (91.180)


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Internationell titel: Gypsum board thermal/acoustic insulation composite panels - Definitions, requirements and test methods

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Fastställd: 2014-07-13

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Ersätter: SS-EN 13950:2005