Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 1991-1-6:2005

Eurokod 1: Laster på bärverk - Del 1-6: Allmänna laster - Last under byggskedet

Status: Gällande · Korrigeras av: SS-EN 1991-1-6:2005/AC:2008 , SS-EN 1991-1-6:2005/AC:2008 , SS-EN 1991-1-6:2005/AC:2013

(1) EN 1991-1-6 provides principles and general rules for the determination of actions which should be taken into account during the execution of buildings and civil engineering works.

NOTE 1 This part of EN 1991 may be used as guidance for the determination of actions to be taken into account for dif-ferent types of construction works, including structural alterations such as refurbishment and/or partial or full demolition. Further rules and guidance is given in Annexes A1, A2 and B.

NOTE 2 Rules concerning the safety of people in and around the construction site are out of the scope of this European standard. Such rules may be defined for the individual project.

(2) The following subjects are dealt with in this part of EN 1991.

Section 1 : General
Section 2 : Classification of actions
Section 3: Design situations and limit states
Section 4 : Representation of actions
Annex A1 : Supplementary rules for buildings (normative)
Annex A2 : Supplementary rules for bridges (normative)
Annex B : Actions on structures during alteration, reconstruction or demolition (informative)

(3) EN 1991-1-6 also gives rules for the determination of actions which may be used for the design of auxiliary con-struction works as defined in 1.5, needed for the execution of buildings and civil engineering works.

NOTE Design rules for auxiliary construction works may be defined in the National Annex or for the individual project. Guidance may be found in the relevant European standards. For example, design rules for formworks and falseworks are given in EN 12812.


Tekniska aspekter (91.010.30) Eurokod 0 och 1, Grundläggande dimensioneringsregler och laster (91.070.01) Eurokod, bro (91.070.60) Eurokod, övrigt (91.070.80)


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